Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help  Max A Pooch find an answer to the age old question. 

"Why does the dog always have to pull?"

Max A Pooch asks Awesome Animal Advocates why whenever there is a dog, a sled, a human, and either a harness or a rope why the dog has to pull. He thinks it would be fun to sit in the sled and have the human pull. What do you think?  Max A Pooch would love to hear your dog's point of view. Leave a comment and let's hear what your Pooch has to say about who should pull.

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  1. Yes, my dog, Sydney, would much rather ride. Our daughter taught him to sit on a skateboard while she pulled him by a rope. Bring pulled in a sled would make Sydney so overjoyed he would begin barking his happiness for miles.

  2. Maya says "dogs pull because we like to lead the pack." Lola says "I'll leave the pulling to Maya, just give me a nice, smooth ride, Sister!"

  3. Hmmm... at our house, it is the humans pulling the sled! lol

  4. I foresee a lot of problems. For one, the furry guy gets away with being in his birthday suit while humans stuff in winter jackets that reduces their mobility.
    After decades of decadent living as couches potatoes, standing on two limbs for long is a strain, four limbs - I wouldn't be able to move that sled an inch.
    Our six senses don't work quite well and we may end up in icy waters with the sled, occupant and all before you can say Halt!

    I am sure there are other logistical difficulties but this comment is wordy as it is.

    I saw this in LinkedIn and had to respond.