Friday, February 15, 2013

The two sides of Max A Pooch

As this video clearly demonstrates there are two sides to Max A Pooch. One side of him is  champion of  animals. His other side is   champion of environment.

That duality is not unique to Max A Pooch. It is difficult to imagine someone who advocates for animals who isn't concerned about environment and vice versa.

That is why the slogan for Max A Pooch is "Canine Champion of Animals & Environment." That moniker is the foundation of a strong," positive message describing for what Max A Pooch stands. It also provides the opportunity for him to communicate his messages. When he picks up litter and puts it in a trash can, or sorts recyclables from waste. He reminds people how easy picking up and disposing of litter is. He educates his audiences what is recyclable. People are amazed to see a dog do tasks that many humans won't or don't undertake. The second message of course is that Max A Pooch is a dog that was rescued. He is living proof of how friendly, bright, and helpful shelter dogs can be, and that there are millions of pooches who are waiting for homes.

Max A Pooch sees those who litter and those who abandon companion animals, as humans who share a common trait. That trait is lacking a sense of responsibility. Because of that shortcoming the environment is damaged and millions of animals are subjected to heart breaking trauma and death each year.

Whenever we are out for a walk and Max A Pooch finds a plastic bottle or other litter he picks it up and disposes it in a trash container. The reader can imagine the look on a passerby's face when Max runs past her or him with a bottle in his mouth.

I always make it a point to say, "Oh, of course he does that. He was thrown away and if things been different may have been euthanized and his body cast into a landfill.  There are thousands of dogs each day that aren't so fortunate. Now doesn't that make you sad to think how many Max A Pooch's are euthanized each day for no greater sin than not having a home? Shouldn't we be more concerned about animals and the environment?"

Keith Sanderson is the creator and host of Pet Life Radio's Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates. He also writes Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner, National Celebrity Animal Advocacy Examiner, and is the human companion of Max A Pooch.


Marketers of green pet or other products or services put Max A Pooch for you. It will help you, help the environment and help animals everywhere.

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